Illinois School District U46 Strategic Plan
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District Mission Statement

The mission of School District U-46 is to provide an education that nurtures and challenges all students to maximize their individual potential to become responsible, productive, and contributing members of our community and society.

District Vision Statement

School District U-46 will provide an education that successfully meets the needs of a large and diverse student population and effectively prepares each child for the future.  Success will result from a sense of ownership by all partners in the education process—students, parents, staff, and all other community members.  All will be committed to operating a highly respected school district that has a shared sense of purpose, effective communication, trust, goodwill, fiscal responsibility, and pride.  Continual improvement will be achieved through clear direction with an eye toward the future and the committed efforts of all.


Beginning in April of 1999, School District U-46 embarked on a process to renew the strategic plan developed in 1994-95.  With the highly successful implementation of more than 160 recommendations from the original plan, it was time to aggressively move forward in creating the future for the school district as it looks to the next century.  The Monitoring Committee identified the following purposes for the strategic planning renewal process:

·        Produce the highest quality of education for all students

·        Develop a common vision and clarify values

·        Articulate district direction with one clear voice

·        Integrate current and future planning initiatives

·        Promote continuity  for the future of the school district

·        Establish frameworks for decision-making sensitive to fiscal responsibility

·        Cultivate individual growth and organizational capacity

·        Enhance internal attitude and pride

·        Continue to improve the district’s image with external stakeholders

·        Target accountability and achievement by focusing on improving curriculum, instruction and assessment

·        Establish a process with built-in monitoring and evaluation

·        Build confidence in the school system.


The Monitoring Committee outlined five distinct phases for the strategic planning renewal process.

·        Phase 1   Review Current Status

·        Phase 2   Assess Current Conditions and Collect Focus Group Information

·        Phase 3   Analyze Focus Group and Additional Information

·        Phase 4  Identify Strategic Needs and Issues and Project Strategic Directions and Action Plans

·        Phase 5      Draft and Finalize Renewed Plan

The strategic planning renewal process was completed in a nine-month period from April through December 1999.  The renewal process included the participation of internal as well as external stakeholders. In April, a planning committee was assembled.  The group was composed of more than 65 participants—staff and community members—representing a variety of stakeholders.

From May-October, thirty-seven Focus Groups were conducted with committee members serving as facilitators and recorders.  More than 330 individuals representing students, teachers, support staff, administrators, parents, community members, businesses, special interest groups, minority groups, and taxpayers provided input through the Focus Groups.  Participants were asked to identify the school district’s strengths and weaknesses, the characteristics of a good school and good school district, what graduates should know and be able to do, and their “wish” for District U-46.  All responses were documented and given to the planning committee. 

The results of the renewal process are detailed in this document.  Eight specific strategic directions emerged from the planning process and include:

1.      Defining Standards and Accountability for Quality Curriculum

2.      Improving Student Learning Through Application of Engaged  Learning Principles and Technology

3.      Supporting Special Programs to Develop Academic and Social Skills

4.      Hiring and Developing Competent and Caring Staff

5.      Enhancing Reputation and Communication

6.      Managing Financial, Facility and Growth Issues

7.      Involving Family and Community

8.      Engaging Stakeholders in Decision-making

Each strategic direction details specific recommendations for improving school and system effectiveness for School District U-46.  These are presented on the following pages as outlined below:

·        Background/Rationale — statement for each strategic direction

·        Themes — identified by ð

·        Action Strategies — presented in priority order for implementation by

      Immediate (Year 1)

      Short-term (Years 2-3)

      Long-term (Years 4-5)

·        Outstanding Issues to be Addressed — list of issues, questions, or conditions which directly affect the implementation or effectiveness of the recommended action strategies

These recommendations are intended to improve the overall quality of education for students throughout School District U-46.


Funding of the Strategic Plan Renewal process was supported by a

Goals 2000 Districtwide Planning Grant from the Illinois State Board of Education.


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