ETA Links

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ETA Member Websites

Brian Booth<-Tefft Middle School

Rich Levine-Tefft Middle School

Affiliate Sites

Illinois Education Association

National Education Association

Government Education Sites

Illinois State Board of Education

Kane County Office of Education

DuPage County Office of Education

Cook County Office of Education

Government Legislation Sites

llinois Legislatur Information about the Illinois House and Senate including complete text of current and past bills

United States Congress This is a Library of Congress site that provides text of federal legislation and also roll calls to show how your congressman or U.S. Senator voted on particular bills.

Illinois House Democrats Direct link to the Illinois House Democrats' website.

Illinois Senate Democrats Direct link to Senate Democratic site

Illinois House Republicans Link to the site serving House Republicans

Find your legislators allows users to find their legislators

Email your legislators Links directly to the page with preproduced letters for e-mailing or faxing legislators.