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ETA CSR page

Center for Commercial-Free Public Education - national coalition of students, parents, teachers and other citizens working for commercial-free, equal education.

Center for Research in Educational Policy - focuses on analysis and interpretation of educational policy for preK-12 public schools, program evaluation and policy implementation studies, and information dissemination.

Communities In Schools - national organization championing the connection of needed community resources with schools to help young people learn, stay in school, and prepare for life.

Consortium for Policy Research in Education - unites researchers from various universities to improve elementary and secondary education through studies on policy, finance, reform, and governance.

Education Trust - created to promote high academic achievement for all students, at all levels, kindergarten through college

Indiana Education Policy Center - provides nonpartisan information and research on education issues to Indiana policymakers and other education stakeholders to improve education.

Institute for Education and Social Policy - works to strengthen public education in New York City and other urban areas.

National Association for Year-Round Education - serves as a clearinghouse for information on year-round education, time and learning.

Peabody Center for Education Policy - works to improve education by advancing understanding among policy, professional, and general-public constituencies with respect to the challenges, practices, and preferences that shape U.S. educational institutions.

RAND Education - conducts analytic research and provides technical assistance to improve policy and practice.

US Department of Education