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Question: Dave, I hear some schools are disatisified with their design teams, how can I ensure we get a quality one.

Answer: It is going to be very important that we hold the desgin teams accountable when they come into our schools. If they are not addressing all of the areas of CSR, failing to respond to the needs and concerns of a particular staff, or just not delivering on the promises made, the Partnership Council needs to be informed. For more specifics, please call me when a situation exists in which it appears we need to pass concerns about a design team on to the PC.

Question: Why is the ETA involvedd in CSR anyway? Aren't you supposed to protect mebers from this sort of thing.

Answer: Protecting member rights is no less important, but probably more difficult in some ways than in the past. Our role has necessarily expanded into areas of school improvement and systemic change. While we now seek to work collaboratively with other stakeholders whenever and whereever possible, our primary responsibility is still to the members who pay the dues. As we get deeper into this work with other stakeholders we are finding the very little conflict between our need to work on changing the system/school improvement and our more traditional roles of advocacy.

Question: My school is going through leadership traing, I am not on the team, what can I be doing?

Answer: The members of the team are preparing themselves to guide a set of activities and processes at your site to determine whether a CSR approach is for you. What you can do is ask them specifics about what they are learning and what the rest of you can expect when the training is completed. You can encourage them to share what they are findiing with all stakeholders at the site. If what they offer is not consistent with your understandings, engage them in conversation that is assertive but not confrontational. Be as informed as you can be without being in the training and stand prepared to assist the effort to expand the process as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Question: Dave, what is the CEC?

Answer: CEC is the Consortium for Educational Change. It was created more than a decade ago to promote school reform and improvement by providing support to districts attempting positive change. It has become a network of more than 50 school districts in Northern Illinois who work with each other and the CEC on the difficult work of improving student learning and the systems that support it. In order to join and participate, a district must bring a team of combined stakeholders to include administration and union leadership. The director of the CEC is Jo Anderson who is an Illinois Education Association mangager. This means that your dues dollars are supporting the CEC work. When the CEC works with U46, those dollars are coming right back to us locally. Jo has been the facilitator for our Partnership Council for more than a year now. He and his CEC colleagues will be leading the School Leadeship Training that is about to begin in 18 schools. For ETA and U46 the CEC is an important resource.

Question: What happened to the ealier questions and answers that were posted here?

Answer: They were outdated and in the interest of making this section as current and useful as possible they were removed. If you are looking for something in particular regarding CSR or PEL, do not hesitate to post the question here. Thanks!

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