Values and Beliefs

Why does the ETA exist?

We exist to advance the cause of the teaching profession and the cause of public education --the cornerstone of our democracy.

What principles govern ETA's effectiveness as an organization?

*Fairness *Dignity *Honesty *Justice *Integrity *Equity *Trust

What does the ETA want to be?

*Principle-centered *An Advocate *Effective *Continually Learning *Strong *A Model of our Ideals

Beliefs of the ETA

We believe in the empowerment of teachers in all decisions that affect the profession of teaching.

We believe in a shared decision-making process that is consistent with the professional role of teachers.

We believe that the economic and professional well-being of teachers is necessary to the existence of quality public schools.

We believe that professionalism is enhanced as teachers work together to improve the level of their teaching skills.

We believe that involvement in the decision-making process by all stakeholders is necessary for quality public schools.

We believe effective public schools require adequate facilities, supplies, equipment, and support services

We believe in a safe teaching/learning environment for teachers and students.

We believe small class sizes are essential to effective student learning.

We believe in honoring and respecting human diversity and dignity.

We believe that a strong emphasison staff development is essential to deal with a rapidly changing society.

We believe that staff development needs of teachers are best identified and addressed by teachers.

We believe that an effective school district is an organization continually learning and that draws from the many and varied talents of its teachers.

We believe that quality education depends both on a positive student-educator relationship and pedagogical or subject-matter skills.

We believe that the ETA must represent the highest aspirations of its members and is committed to an organization based upon member involvement.

We believe that the ETA must be an organization that models teamwork and open communications.

We believe that the ETA must be an effective advocate organization for its members, both individually and collectively.

We believe in a strong collective bargaining agreement.

We believe that the ETA has a proud history and tradition which will enhance our future.